Welcome Soul Seeker!

cropped-emily-160312-E35A3170_pp.jpgWelcome Brilliance! 

Do you desire to know yourself again before “it” all happened?

Are you ready to make changes and transformations but aren’t sure what your  next step is?

Do you seek answers, closure or messages from passed loved ones?

It’s time… Your Soul is Calling and You Listened.

Congratulations. You did it! You are taking the first step towards freedom, liberation, inspiration and enlightenment.

You are here and I can help.

I am a firm believer in the power of intention, manifestation, magic and spirit. Everything happens for a reason. There are no “coincidences”.

Once upon a time I discovered I had a gift…a gift to walk between worlds, the world of Spirit and ours. My gifts unfolded naturally and progressed to where I could not only “know” things but also “know” Spirit.

Without even realizing it Spirit chose me to work as a medium, an intuitive and a coach. I discovered my gifts had powers to help transform lives and also transformed mine.

So what does this have to do with you?

Well…My Gift of Spirit is my calling card to serve the world and most importantly to serve YOU.

When you schedule an appointment with me, you are scheduling an appointment with your Higher Self and with your Spirit Loved Ones.

You & I become a team. We work together with Spirit to bring you the messages, healing and guidance you need to embark on a fantastic journey and release anything that is NO longer serving you.

This isn’t just a “reading”. You won’t come to me for some predictions and wait for them to happen. This is sacred. Our time can be transformational, empowering, and life-changing.

You will leave with sacred tools and messages to live a life of legacy, honor and carrying out your purpose in memory of the ones who have gone before you.

This is a soul session. This is an investment in your own spiritual, mental and emotional self. This is an investment in your soul before “it” all happened.

We will break through barriers, open doors where walls once were, commune with your Spirit Loved Ones and clear the way for the new.

I can’t wait to meet you. And I know Spirit is SO READY!

Let’s get to it!